The World's First Talking Shelf

Need a way to better assist shoppers in store?

We have the solution.

A scalable, digital in-store assistant that augments human store associates, and provides shoppers with

expert product selection guidance, information, and education

at the shelf.

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Here's How It Works:


Our intuitive voice interface

engages shoppers in a natural conversation directly at the shelf.


Our custom, data-driven algorithm synthesizes shoppers’ input/answers and determines the best set of recommendations.


Our responsive lights

illuminate the featured products on the shelf, helping shoppers easily make their final selection(s).


We've worked with major brands and retailers to support shoppers across the country.


Brand & Retailer Benefits

Double-digit sales lifts

Shopper Benefits

Expert product selection assistance

Increased shopper engagement

Simple, approachable information

Unprecedented shopper data & insights

Uniquely tailored product descriptions




"[SmartAisle] actually enhances somebody’s buying experience and that’s really why this is going to be
such a powerful part of our future."


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SmartAisle™  was invented by a talented team of dreamers, designers and makers at The Mars Agency, a full-service, global marketing agency, specializing in shopper, consumer promotion and brand activation.